i understand that when you hear about someone else’s experience, you may relate and think “yes! same! this is my life!”

but sometimes it’s ok to just allow that person to have their moment and appreciate that they wanted to share it. it’s not your life, it’s theirs. sometimes it’s not about you. allow people to have their moments, their reactions to their lives

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"   Who can live without some black clothes.   "
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1) You’re empowering.
2) I like your voice.
3) You’re strong.
4) I think your ideas/beliefs matter.
5) I’m so happy you exist.
6) More people should be listening to what you have to say.
7) You’re a very warm hearted person.
8) It’s nice seeing such kindness.
9) You’re very down to earth.
10) You have a beautiful soul.
11) You inspire me to become a better person.
12) Our conversations bring me a lot of joy.
13) It’s good to see someone care so much.
14) You’re so understanding.
15) You matter a lot to me.
16) You’re important even if you don’t think so.
17) You’re intelligent.
18) Your passion is contagious.
19) Your confidence is refreshing.
20) You restore my faith in humanity.
21) You’re great at being creative.
22) You’re so talented at ____.
23) I don’t get tired of you the way I get tired of other people.
24) You have great taste in ___.
25) I’m happy I stayed alive long enough to meet you.
26) I wish more people were like you.
27) You’re so good at loving people.   "
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"   Death is going to happen to you — whether you want it to or not — and you’re never going to be completely comfortable with it. But it’s an important process, and please consider facing it.   "
Mortician Caitlin Doughty on what she wants readers and listeners to take away from her work. She spoke to Fresh Air's Terry Gross about how she’s trying to reform how we think about the deaths of loved ones.  (via nprfreshair)

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